When a friend or a family member is arrested in San Diego, he or she is generally taken to the San Diego Police Department Jail, the local police precinct or jail, to be booked for the crime. This process involves taking fingerprints and photographs and a recording of the charges being filed.

Arrestees are held at the San Diego Police Department Holding Facility for a short period and, most likely, they are subsequently transferred to another jail. When transferred, arrestees are processed out of the station and into the new jail.

The booking process into the new jail can take a few hours, adding to the detention time. If a friend or family member has been arrested, the time to get help is right now. Contact King Triton Bail Bonds now.

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San Diego Jail: Our Fast & Easy Bail Out Process

  • Getting out of jail. After the booking process has been completed, your loved one has an opportunity to post bail to avoid being incarcerated while awaiting a release hearing.
  • Bail out of jail. Bail is a set amount of money that has been determined by the Superior Court in San Diego County and it is published yearly in a Bail Schedule. To pay the bail required and get out of jail, your loved one must be able to produce the cash required by the court to meet the entire bail amount. Sometimes, this amount can be much more than is readily available to an individual.
  • When should you contact a bail bondsman? It can be difficult to come up with a high amount of money which will be tied up with the court system for a long time, maybe over a year. Most people just don't have the cash to pay a substantial amount of bail outright. Frequently, it's easier to get help from bail bond agents like the ones at King Triton Bail Bonds.
  • Find a bail bondsman. When you have to find a bail bondsman, you know you must find someone you can count on to be there when you need them. We have agents all over San Diego County. They can be by your friend or family member's side in a matter of minutes. Also, we can offer up to a 30% discount for bail bonds, which would be a 7% bail bond rate.

Offenses for Which Arrestees Can Be Taken to the San Diego Jail

San Diego Jail Bail Bonds - San Diego Police Department Holding Facility

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San Diego Jail Bail Bonds - San Diego Police Department Holding Facility

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Ian Pellegrini, your bail bondsman, has extensive experience in bail bond services. He knows that inmates in California face some of the most overcrowded jails in the country. Being detained is a challenging moment, but our bail company can help. King Triton Bail Bonds has the RIGHT full mobile and full-time services created for detained people and their families.
Our agents can dispatch to jails immediately and at any hour of the day or night. Also, our network of agents can reach any jail in California. After contacting you and promptly drafting the necessary documents, we can make house calls for your convenience or we can adapt to your needs. Contact King Triton Bail Bonds as soon as possible, it's our job to get your loved one out of jail.

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