How Does The King Triton Bail Bonds Process Work?

First, the person taken into custody is brought to the jail. They'll put them through the booking process. This may take a while as the background check is a thorough investigation that takes time, from 2 to 10 hours. After the background check, their name should appear on the County's website. That enables us to access the necessary information about charges, the bail amount, and any other information pertinent to the bail process. That is when we can draft the bail bond paperwork and get them out of jail.

What Information Does The Bail Bond Agency Need?

All we need is the defendant's complete name and the County where they are in jail. If you will be co-signing, make sure you have your driver's license available.

What Happens When a Bail Bond Agent Comes To My Home?

Generally, at first, we'll do an application over the phone. That way, when we show up we'll have all the documentation ready to go. We'll go over the contract with you. We'll verify that all the information is correct. You'll sign all the documentation we brought out there. We'll go over all the payment procedures. We'll explain all of the defendant's responsibilities. Also, we'll let you know when the court dates are. From there, we'll run over to the jail and post the bail bond as quickly as possible, if we don't have somebody there already.

How Long Does The Application Process Take?

About 5 minutes.

What Are My Responsibilities as a Co-signer?

You certify that the information you gave was accurate. You guarantee that the person in jail will go to court and appear to all court dates. Also, that the person in jail will come into our office, at that time they will receive a copy of the documents and we can explain all court obligations to them. As a co-signer you agree that you and the defendant will be responsible for all the payments arranged.

What Happens If The Defendant Misses Any Court Dates?

They must come into our office immediately and we will give them a reinstatement letter that allows them to be on bail with us still, and that will allow them to go back to court. They will have a warrant issued by the court so it is important that they do this immediately to avoid being arrested.

How Do We Keep In Contact?

We keep you informed throughout the entire process. For example, if the background process is not done yet, we'll give you a time estimate and follow up until the clearance process is done and we can post the bond.

What Should The Defendant Know?

It's important to know that we're here for you. We're going to do everything we can to get you out as fast as we can. Unfortunately, jails work at their own pace and pushing them might actually slow the release process.

What Are My Rights In Jail?

When you're in jail you have the right to a phone call. You have the right to call an attorney or a bail bondsman. You have the right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself. Depending on the situation and the charge you have the right to bail.

What Happens In a DUI Case?

Once you're pulled over and the police have concluded that you are under the influence, they will take you to the local facility. The fingerprinting process will start. The police will do your background check. You'll be placed into a cell to sober up. You will have the right to make a phone call from there.

What Happens In a Domestic Violence Case?

If the police are called and they do come out to the house, you're generally gonna find that they'll interview both parties. From there they will decide who's fault it is and if they do need to take someone into custody. In most situations, if the police are called they are going to take someone into custody. A misdemeanor domestic violence charge generally requires a smaller bail, whereas a felony domestic violence requires a $50,000 bail or higher. Once you've gone through the booking process, we can post the bond and you'll be out.

What Happens In a Misdemeanor Case?

When you are taken to jail, you'll go through the booking process. After that, you'll be put into the holding cell along with other inmates. In the cell, there will be a phone with a list of bail agencies to call. You'll find King Triton Bail Bonds right in the middle. Give us a call and we'll walk you through the bail bond process. We'll take an application and we'll work out a payment plan. We'll advise you of what is necessary, based on your charges, in order to be out today. We'll go over any of the payments that need to be made, we'll go out to your co-signers house, we'll get signatures from them and explain everything. Once you are cleared for bail, we will post your bail bond, and the jail will start your release process. 

What Happens In a Felony Case?

In a felony case, similar to the misdemeanor case, you will be booked in, fingerprinted, they will run background checks on you. You will be put into a holding cell and you will have access to a phone call. In the cell, there will be a phone with a list of bond agencies. You will find King Triton right in the middle. Give us a call and we'll explain what will happen from there.

How Long Does It Take To Get Out of Jail?

Generally, once we post the bail bond, it can take between 2 to 6 hours for you to get released from a county facility, because they have to do the processing and the background check again. If you are in a local substation the release process can be as fast as 10 minutes once we post the bond.

What Should The Family Know?

The family should know that we are doing everything in our powers to get their loved one out. We are standing by 24/7. We're at the jail waiting for the person to clear once we've done all our documentation. We keep you informed about the process. We'll let you know what to expect along the way.

What Is Your BAIL TO REHABILITATION Program About?

At King Triton Bail Bonds we are glad to announce our BAIL TO REHABILITATION program. We've partnered with several drug rehabilitation facilities throughout California. We can offer a seamless transition from the jail to the rehab facility that you decide. This gives you, the family, the opportunity to take advantage and take control of your loved one's arrest. We make it a condition of bail that the defendant stays in a treatment facility while they're out on bail with us. If for some reason they decide that they don't want to be in treatment any longer, we have the ability to revoke their bail and to put them back into custody. All the rehab facilities offer court facilities, so we can make sure that your loved one gets to court on time.

Can You Get me Out of Jail if I'm in Another County?

Yes, we have a network of bail agents within 5 minutes of every single jail in California.

King Triton Bail Bonds is conveniently located in the city of San Diego. We have a North County location that services the Vista detention center, as well. We also have a Clairemont/Kearny Mesa location that services downtown San Diego and Central jail. We will service all the other San Diego locations such as Las Colinas, George Bailey, and so on.