In San Diego County bail bond rates are filed and then set by the California Department of Insurance. According to the law, we are mandated to charge 10% of the bail amount (premium). That means that on a $10000 bail, you would only pay a $1000 rate. We are able to offer up to a 30% discount, which would be a 7% rate. Call us, and we'll go over the specifics and pricing. We can work out a payment plan as well. We can start by taking a down payment; then we’ll work out monthly payments for the rest. Ask our agent what payment options are available for your particular case. We will always find a way to get you or your loved one out of jail. Contact us and we will discuss specific advantages to bail for your particular case.


We service all San Diego County Jails 24 hours a day and we have a network of bail agents within 5 minutes of every single jail in San Diego County. For more information about the bail amount, the booking process, the rights you have, and jail bail out:

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