I do this job because it's exciting. As a bail bondsman, I meet a lot of interesting people. Also, I like that there's never a dull day in my office. Every day is so different.

I've been a bail bondsman for about six years prior to starting King Triton Bail Bonds, and I felt that I had learned enough to go out on my own and start King Triton Bail Bonds.

I started as a posting agent for one of the larger bail firms and after six months had worked my way up to bail agent, then to a manager, and finally to a director in their corporate office. After four years with the company, my position and responsibilities were to train all of the employees on how to underwrite each bond and find a way to get our clients out of jail as fast as possible.

There is no doubt this was a great foundation when I decided to start King Triton Bail Bonds.

What Is Unique About Your Own Company, King Triton Bail Bonds?

We are more convenient. We offer a fully mobile service, and we will come out to you. If you are not able to get down to our office, we'll come out to you. We'll do all the documentation in your home. If for some reason that does not work for you, we can send the documentation via e-mail or fax. We accept electronic signatures as well.

Also, we are fast. As soon as we get that call, we'll put everything together for you. We'll be coming out to you sending your documents via email or heading to the jail so that we can get everything done now.

We have a network of bail agents within 5 minutes of every single jail in California.

We answer phone calls 24/7. Our mobile agents are available 24/7.

Our slogan is:

"It's Our Job to Get You Out! - And we take our job very seriously!"