Under California Penal Code 422, a criminal threat is a verbal or written specific and unequivocal threat to kill or physically harm someone that puts that person in a state of reasonable fear for his or her safety or for the safety of an immediate family member.

The bail amount for criminal threat is usually set at $15.000, but it can go up for serious offenses. In San Diego, bail is set initially based on a bail schedule, but it can be raised or lowered by a judge based on the charges filed by the District Attorney and the circumstances of the case.

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How Much Time in Jail Can Someone Get for a Criminal Threat?

For criminal threat, the defendant may be facing:

If probation is granted, the law requires completion of domestic violence counseling and the court will impose a protective order barring contact with the purported victim.

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Criminal Threat in San Diego County: Case Examples

  • After threatening to kill members of an animal hospital after the death of his dog, the defendant received a felony charge. He was released from jail on a bail bond of $50,000.
  • For making criminal threats, the defendant, 25, received a no-bail felony warrant, although she had no prior criminal record.
  • The defendant, 29, was arrested for displaying a weapon and possessing a dagger. The man, who was held on a $25,000 cash bail, was arrested after making criminal threats at a hotel employee.
  • The defendant, 33, was charged with criminal threat and a second count of robbery related to a reported kidnapping. He waived his arraignment for five felony charges: three counts of robbery and one count each of kidnapping and criminal threat. His bail was set at $50,000.