A felony is the most serious type of crime, more serious than a misdemeanor, that can be categorized as nonviolent or violent and can have a damaging effect on the arrested person's life. Some of the law infringements considered felonies in San Diego County are:

Felony Arrest in San Diego County: Posting Bail

What happens after an arrest in San Diego? Receiving a bail hearing for a felony charge can be a waiting game. Here are the common procedures that are followed once a person is arrested and charged with a felony in San Diego:

  • A person is arrested, taken to the police station where he or she is booked and his or her fingerprints are taken.
  • An initial court appearance takes place. During this time, the accused person makes his or her first appearance in court and the court judge will decide whether he or she will be incarcerated, released on own recognizance or released on bond and, if so, what bond amount is appropriate.
  • The bail is set. The amount varies, depending on the severity of the charges. King Triton Bail Bonds is available to help if you require the assistance of a bail bondsman in San Diego, Vista or Santee, California.
  • To start the bail bond process with our office, call us as soon as possible. Our bail bondsmen can answer any questions that you may have concerning the bailing process as well as the criminal justice system.
  • When you call us, even in the middle of the night, a bail bond agent finds the charges, the bail information and amounts and begins setting up the bail bond application with you. If you are not able to pay, our bail bonds company has flexible payment options and finds a solution to pay the bail so that the accused person does not need to remain locked up in jail; that is our Job.
  • Our bail bond company posts the felony bail bonds with the jails and informs your friend or family member about future court dates and all of his or her scheduled criminal proceedings to avoid a forfeiture of the bond. After that, the jail will begin the pretrial jail release procedure for the accused person.

When a loved one lands in a jail, you need someone you can count on to help obtain quick release with bail bonding. You need King Triton Bail Bonds. Call us 24 hours a day for fast San Diego County bail bonds and prompt, courteous assistance.

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Felony Bail Bonds: Let Us Help Your Loved One Get Out of Jail

If your loved one is charged with a felony, do not give up yet, there may still be a chance to have his or her charges reduced to a misdemeanor later on. The sooner you bring him or her home, the sooner he or she will be able to get a defense attorney and start preparing the legal defense. However, your loved one cannot come home until you secure a felony bail bond. In San Diego, CA, King Triton Bail Bonds can help.

Our agents provide bond service for felonies, misdemeanor bail bonds for minor offenses and a host of other bonds. Our goal is to make the legal process as stress-free and as simple as possible for everyone involved. Reach out as soon as your friend or relative has been arrested and detained and a bail agent will be ready to help you face this difficult situation.

If this is your loved one's first time being arrested, it can be difficult to know what to do next. Also, the bail bonds process can be complex for those who have never had to post bail bond before. Thankfully, you can count on our agents for a thorough breakdown of your options. Our bail bond agency understands that you need funds, and fast, that is why we do everything we can to expedite the process. Call us if someone you care about is jailed anywhere in San Diego County. Our bond business is licensed for bail bond services in every San Diego County jail and we have offices in San Diego, Vista and Poway. We are here for you.