Vista Detention Facility (VDF) is a Type II jail that is the primary point of intake for male and female arrestees in the North County, in any of the following cities Vista, Escondido, Fallbrook, Bonsall, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Valley Center, Warner Springs, Borrego Springs, Ranchita, Ramona, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Ocotillo, Pala, San Marcos or Boulevard, for both misdemeanor and felony charges.

VDF is part of the North County Regional Center (NCRC) complex of buildings that also includes The Sheriff's Station, the Superior Courts, and the Law Library. The jail has a current capacity of 825 beds.

A Type II jail is used for holding arrestees pending arraignment, during the trial, and upon a sentence of commitment. Usually, Vista will hold women for a day before sending them to Las Colinas. The jail in Vista houses mainly arrestees awaiting court proceedings. The booking process at VDF is influenced by every arrestee's individual situation and can take from two to four hours or more. The release process will take as long as the booking. Contact King Triton Bail Bonds as soon as possible to get your loved one released from jail.

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Vista Detention Facility: Our Fast & Easy Bail Out Process

  • Please call us as quickly as possible after the arrest has taken place for the fastest service. It is best if you call as soon as possible so we can begin to gather information about the case as there may be substantial time delays before the individual who?s been arrested may be allowed to make a call. King Triton Bail Bonds has bondsman available 365 days a year, serving every court and jail in San Diego County.
  • California is a 10% bail state, which means that all reputable bail bond companies will charge a 10% premium or fee to post the bail bond. King Triton Bail Bonds can offer discounts on the rate and work out a payment plan as well.
  • King Triton Bail Bonds agents will meet you at either the courthouse or the jail to post the bond. In most cases, the process takes a few hours to complete the application, post the bond and get the accused person released.
  • Keep in mind that each case is different, and prior arrest records, current events at the jail and the number of people being processed at the correctional facility will impact the amount of time required for processing.

Offenses for Which Arrestees Can Be Taken to the Vista Detention Facility

Vista Detention Facility Bail Bonds

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