Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Facility (LCDRF) is located in Santee and is the primary intake point where women who are arrested in San Diego County are booked and processed. Las Colinas has an Open Booking procedure. The arrestees are not being moved between holding cells, instead, the women wait in an open seating area. Only the arrestees considered a risk are placed in holding cells.

Arrestees are called to different areas to complete the booking process steps, for example, to go to medical screening. In the open area, while they wait to move through the formal booking process, arrestees have access to bathrooms and phones. Arrestees displaying violent or dangerous behavior are held separately.

The booking process includes a thorough search, photographing and fingerprinting, medical and mental health evaluations and background checks and can take between two and ten hours. The arrestees' name is run in all fifty states to make sure she doesn't have any warrants. After the booking process is complete, the arrestees' name is put on the County website and the bail information is available, for example, the charges and the bail amount. Do not hesitate to contact King Triton Bail Bonds' experienced San Diego bail bond agents to help you get your loved one out of jail.

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Las Colinas Detention Facility: Our Fast & Easy Bail Out Process

  • When women are booked and processed at the Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Facility they can be held until they can post the amount of bail that has been assigned or can be detained in lieu of bail until their arraignment hearing. Many arrestees are held until a family member or a friend posts bail to get them out of jail.
  • If you cannot pay the bail amount in full, you may work with King Triton Bail Bonds to secure the release of your loved one. We will post the full bail amount on your loved one's behalf in exchange for a non-refundable fee. This fee is ten percent of the total bail amount. Our bail bondsmen can agree to a reduced rate of seven percent.
  • To start the bail bond process, we will need the arrestees' first and last name. Once the bond is posted, it may take from two to six hours for your friend or family member to be released from jail.

Offenses for Which Arrestees Can Be Taken to the Las Colinas Detention Facility

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