Built in the early 1960s, in a remote location with nothing within walking distance, Imperial County - Herbert Hughes Correctional Center (HHCC) is a medium security, dormitory style housing county jail.

Detainees are held here for short periods while awaiting trial or processing after they are arrested by the Imperial County Sheriff's Department, the El Centro Police Department or brought from surrounding towns and municipalities who do not have their own long-term lock-up. When a detainee arrives at the detention center, he is put together, in a large holding cell, with other inmates. Most of the sentenced inmates are here for less than two years.

Detainees can be released from the correctional center after Ian at King Triton Bail Bonds put up bail bonds for them. If there is no release, your friend or family member must wait at the jail for his or her court appearance, getting a bed and three square meals a day. Contact one of our experienced and helpful bondsmen to learn more about getting your loved one released from jail in Imperial County.

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  • Once finalized, the paperwork is transferred to the jail to be processed

Herbert Hughes Correctional Center: Our Fast & Easy Bail Out Process

  • Call King Triton Bail Bonds immediately. If you don't know whether or not your loved one has been arrested in Imperial County, call us anyway. We'll help you get the information you need.
  • Your first order of business is to get your loved one out of jail. Being behind bars is challenging emotionally and physically. The sooner he or she can be released, the better. Our expert bail bondsman will walk you through the entire bail bond process. We work fast, so your friend or loved one can get back home as soon as possible.
  • Provide the following information to start the bail bond process: name of the person arrested, your name, your driver's license or ID, your address.
  • Ian can find out exactly what is going on with your loved one's case, where it happened, which agency made the arrest, what the charges are, and can inform you on what to do next.
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  • Pick up your loved one when he or she is released from Herbert Hughes Correctional Center. One of our bail bond agents will be in contact with your loved one immediately. We will help secure his or her release as fast as the law allows.

Offenses for Which Arrestees Can Be Taken to the Herbert Hughes Correctional Center

Imperial County - Herbert Hughes Correctional Center Bail Bonds

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Ian Pellegrini, your bail bondsman, has extensive experience in bail bond services. He knows that inmates in California face some of the most overcrowded jails in the country. Being detained is a challenging moment, but our bail company can help. King Triton Bail Bonds has the RIGHT full mobile and full-time services created for detained people and their families.
Our agents can dispatch to jails immediately and at any hour of the day or night. Also, our network of agents can reach any jail in California. After contacting you and promptly drafting the necessary documents, we can make house calls for your convenience or we can adapt to your needs. Contact King Triton Bail Bonds as soon as possible, it's our job to get your loved one out of jail.

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