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Bail is money, or other property, deposit made on behalf of an arrested person to ensure the protection of the public and that he or she will appear in court. An individual can be held in jail while facing criminal charges unless they post bail, which means they put up that deposit.

Under most circumstances, people get a bail bond by using a bail bond company also known as a bail bond agent or bondsman. A bail bond is a guarantee by the issuer of the bond, usually large insurance companies, that if the person fails to appear in court, he or she might forfeit the amount of the bail to the court. San Diego bail bonds amount typically to 8-10 percent of the full face value of the bail that is secured. King Triton Bail Bonds is able to offer a 7% rate. For example, a bail set at $25,000, will have a $1,750 bail bond.

Depending on the crime charged and also the circumstances, an individual can be released on the promise that he or she would appear in court or get free on O.R. (own recognizance), while not having to secure the promise with cash security.

How Is the Amount of Bail Determined?

The seriousness of the offense and a past criminal record are the prime factors in determining bail, with secondary importance given to the person’s personal background and community ties. Each county in California is required to have a bail schedule which sets the presumptive bail for any given offense charged in that county which includes presumptive bail adders for a person’s prior criminal history. Presumptive bail is the amount of bail that a judge may set in the absence of any other factors, either negative or positive.

Bail might vary from the presumptive bail amount. Someone with no previous history, who has lived and worked in the area for many years charged with a petty theft may be released on his or her own recognizance. A person who is a repeat offender with a drug problem may have to post a large bail, possibly in excess of the presumptive bail.

Any deviation from the presumptive bail is made by a judge. Bail could also be reviewed whenever legal circumstances change, upon two days notice to the prosecution that a review is being sought. A change in legal circumstances would be something that changes a person’s legal liability in a case. Most frequently this is due to a charge being added or dropped.

Contact a San Diego Bail Bondsman

To figure out the bail amount in a case for informational purposes, you can see LA's Court felony bail computation worksheet. After that click on the bail schedule for the San Diego County. San Diego has combined schedules for felonies and misdemeanors. You can figure out the presumptive bail for a felony by adding up the amounts of the bail on the offense and the enhancement. For misdemeanor cases you can use the same methodology, however, do not include the enhancements.

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