Randy - Aggravated Assault

I know there are a lot of bail bond companies out there but I think King Triton is the best one in the area. They were unbelievably fast, courteous and professional when they bailed me out of prison for aggravated assault. Thank you!

Janet - Vehicular Homicide

Truly professional people to work with! My family contacted King Triton Bail Bonds to get my brother out of prison following a vehicular homicide he was involved in. It was truly life changing and I will be forever grateful for all your help in our delicate case.

Chloe - Sale of Illegal Drugs

I decided to get help from Ian and his team after my sister was arrested for selling drugs and was sent to prison. Ian took care of everything for me and got her out in no time. Thank you!

Travis - Leaving the Scene of an Accident

King Triton Bail Bonds is staffed with hardworking bondsmen that really take care of you when facing prison time. I highly recommend their services after they bailed me after being arrested for leaving the scene after I caused an accident.

Aaron - Repeated DUIs

Experienced, fast and discrete! Ian and the team at King Triton Bail Bonds have helped me get back on track after being caught driving intoxicated a few times. They were understanding and took care of the bail process in less than 15 minutes!

James - Burglary

Ian helped me and my family get my brother back on track after bailing him out of prison in a burglary case. You can truly expect the highest level of service from Ian and his team at King Triton.

Daniel - Drug Possession Case

Ian was exceptional in handling the bail and rehab in my friend's drug case. He was very easy to work with and always explained in detail the process and everything related to this case. We are grateful for his help!