The Imperial County - Regional Adult Detention Facility (RADF) houses sentenced and non-sentenced federal and county male and female inmates but is mostly used to house federal inmates awaiting transfer to San Diego. Right next door RADF, referred to as "the camp" there is the Herbert Hughes Correctional Center (HHCC), "the jail".

An arrestee will be assigned a housing unit elsewhere at RADF or will be transferred over to HHCC after a medical screening and classification interview have been conducted at RADF. The process of booking an arrestee into the jail includes taking their information, recording the initial charges, fingerprinting, and having their mug shot taken. Once this is finished, the information is logged into the jail's database. Contact King Triton Bail Bonds as soon as possible if a loved one has been arrested.

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Regional Adult Detention Facility: Our Fast & Easy Bail Out Process

  • Contact Us. After a loved one has been arrested, the jail will process the arrestee and, in most cases, set the amount of bail required to secure his or her release. If you are unable to pay the full bail amount yourself, you should contact King Triton Bail Bonds right away.
  • Application. During the first phone consultation, we will collect information regarding your financial situation and answer any questions you might have. King Triton Bail Bonds offers several ways to expedite the bail process, including flexible payment plans. This ensures your friend or family member doesn't stay in jail longer than absolutely necessary.
  • Release. After your bail bond application has been approved and the money has been received, King Triton Bail Bonds will post bail to the jail where your loved one is being held in custody. Posting bail should result in a prompt release; however, King Triton Bail Bonds will also send one of our licensed bail bondsmen to the jail to ensure your friend or family member is released without delay, should the need arise.

Offenses for Which Arrestees Can Be Taken to the Regional Adult Detention Facility

  • Shoplifting
  • DUI
  • Domestic violence
  • Suspended license
  • Theft
  • Patronizing a prostitute
  • Robbery
  • Larceny
  • Resisting arrest
  • Violation of probation
  • Running a red light, hitting a pedestrian and fleeing the scene
Imperial County - Regional Adult Detention Facility Bail Bonds

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Imperial County - Regional Adult Detention Facility Bail Bonds

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Ian Pellegrini, your bail bondsman, has extensive experience in bail bond services. He knows that inmates in California face some of the most overcrowded jails in the country. Being detained is a challenging moment, but our bail company can help. King Triton Bail Bonds has the RIGHT full mobile and full-time services created for detained people and their families.
Our agents can dispatch to jails immediately and at any hour of the day or night. Also, our network of agents can reach any jail in California. After contacting you and promptly drafting the necessary documents, we can make house calls for your convenience or we can adapt to your needs. Contact King Triton Bail Bonds as soon as possible, it's our job to get your loved one out of jail.

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