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In California, the state legislature sets the bail and the State Department of Insurance regulates it, but judges can follow the recommended bail amount, increase it, or decrease it. In fact, counties determine their own bail schedules.

In most cases, the bail is set at over $20,000 and the bond is set at ten percent.

King Triton Bail Bonds is able to offer up to a 30% discount, which would be a 7% rate. Contact us to go over the specifics and pricing. After your arrest you may find yourself in one of these special situations:

  • If your case is not filed you don't have to post bail because you will be released.
  • If the judge reduces your case to a misdemeanor, you could be released from jail without bail on your promise to return to court for future proceedings or your bail could be reduced significantly.

In the above situations, it may be wiser to remain in jail until you see the judge, a couple of days at most.

Always Post Bail

You should always post bail when you are at risk of being deported or have critical or serious medical conditions.

If you don't have legal status here you have to post bail before getting into county jail because, once you get there, immigration officials will review your case. If it's established you are not a lawful resident, you will get an immigration hold and you won't be able to be released on a bail bond until your case appears in front of an immigration judge.

Take Care of Your Health

At best, local and county jails have limited jail health care services. Precious hours, even days, will be wasted waiting to see doctors or nurses and this may aggravate your medical condition, especially if you are taking certain drugs that must be in your body at a constant level at all times. Jail is not the place for you when you suffer from chronic, critical or severe illnesses or mental health conditions.

Avoid Job Loss

You must ask yourself if the valuable job you might lose by being in jail will cost more than the cost of bail. In San Diego County, the average felony can take less than six months and the average misdemeanor can take less than four months.

Missing months of work isn’t something an employer will be understanding of or happy about. Or, many times, you may lose an important amount of pay that you would have earned if you could have returned to work.

When you pay the bail right after it is set, you may not have to miss work because you are usually released within hours. You must ask yourself: if the bail is set at forty thousand dollars and the cost to post bond is 10 percent, will you earn at least four thousand dollars while you are out of the jail? Or, will you lose a good job while doing jail time and fighting your case? If the answers are yes, then you should post bail.

Take Care of Family

If you have family responsibilities or you're a parent, being kept waiting in jail prevents you from being there for your loved ones. You may not be able to find a temporary caregiver or you may not have anyone close by to help you with your family. When you pay for bail immediately after it is posted, you can get out in only a few hours and can take care of your family.

Bail Bonds Make It Easier to Get out of Jail

Bail helps you get out of jail and continue your life after an arrest. San Diego bail bonds make it even easier to make use of this benefit. By using bail bonds you pay only a portion of the bail amount, so by hiring a bail bonds agent, you don’t have to pay for bail in full and you can still get out of jail.

If you or a loved one has recently been arrested in San Diego County contact a friendly professional at King Triton Bail Bonds today. We'll help you get out of jail and get the best outcome in your case.