By Posted on 03rd April 2019 | In Felony

Currently, bail reform is a paramount issue, so it is important to remember what the benefits of bail are to both defendants and victims. At King Triton Bail Bonds, we are opposed to Senate Bill 10, not just for our industry, but for taxpayers and defendants as well.

Bail benefits taxpayers, helps relieve overburdened criminal courts and allows defendants to continue to work and spend time with their family while awaiting the conclusion of their criminal matter.

Even civil rights groups, which generally oppose the bail system, have come out against SB 10, saying it leans toward detention and it gives too much power to judges.

Supporting a Strong Economy

One of the main advantages of having bail and bail bondsmen is that some costs aren't placed on taxpayers. When an individual posts bail it also removes him or her from the jail population, and therefore the cost of running the jails decreases. This means that taxpayers aren't paying to house a defendant while they are awaiting trial. Also, the bail industry is made up of hundreds of small family businesses, many of which are woman and minority-owned, that employ thousands of people all over the state.

Benefiting the Criminal Justice System

Having bail bondsmen assume the responsibility of locating defendants that have posted bail and fail to appear at court relieves law enforcement or court agencies from having to dedicate staff to find fugitives. Bail bondsmen absorb the costs of investigative work or apprehending defendants who fail to show up in court. Without bail, the law enforcement agencies and an already underfunded criminal justice system would have to provide alternatives such as electronic monitoring or different pretrial services program. These programs can be very costly and without proper funding, will simply overextend already taxed budgets.

Benefiting the Defendant

One of the most important advantages of bail is to the defendant. Bail allows a defendant to be released from pre-trial detention while he or she awaits trial. This means a defendant can be a productive member of society, working and tending to their family rather than remaining behind bars. Bail provides defendants an opportunity to get their lives in order, even if they do end up being incarcerated in the long run. With a bail bond, they can head home and get their affairs in order. They can do what they have to do to make sure their family is provided for before going away again if that’s what ends up happening to them.

Ensuring Victims Get a Chance at Justice

Defendants have the right to a bail reduction hearing. A judge presides over the hearing to decide if he or she is going to reduce, increase or dismiss bail. At this hearing, a victim might also be heard. Ensuring the rights of victims to be heard in court is essential in our justice system. By making sure that defendants go to court, the bail industry makes sure that victims of crime get a true chance at justice.