By Posted on 06th April 2016 | In Misdemeanor

Are you aware that missing a court term is against the law? It is true that you benefit from the presumption of innocence, but court terms and procedures are issues not to be taken lightly.

When you don't turn up in court at the set date, you risk being charged with the misdemeanor or the felony of failing to appear in court. The failure's gravity will be judged in relation to your first offense. The charge could be accompanied by a:

  • Fine
  • The issue of a bench warrant against you
  • Suspension of your driving license
  • Forfeiture of your bail

Your failure to appear in court could also be viewed as contempt of court. This situation can lead to fines and time in jail.

Failure to Appear in Court After Bail Bond

After King Triton Bail Bond posts the bail bond for you, you are assigned a court date. That is when the trial for your case begins. We always ask our clients to keep in contact and call us after each court date to let us know how the process went.

When we sign the bail bond contract, we take upon ourselves the responsibility of your appearance in court. Ultimately, that responsibility will financially lie upon your loved ones that helped you get the bail bond and get out of jail.

If you don't appear in court you only worsen your situation.

  • A fine could worsen your financial situation.
  • Also, your loved ones could lose collateral or may have to pay additional fees
  • Moreover, you could end up back in jail and this time, the bail bond could be increased.

Failure to Appear in Court After a Traffic Violation

Another situation of failure to appear in court might exist when you have received a traffic ticket. By signing the ticket you agree to appear in court. Before the date, you should receive a court courtesy notice. Yet, even if you don't, it is still in your duty to appear in court at the set date.

If you fail to appear, the same consequences will occur. Your license will be suspended, you can receive a fine, a bench warrant can be issued against you. If something of the sort happens, one of our bail bond agents will help you get out of jail and will explain what is to be done next.

King Triton Bail Bonds will guide you through the bail bond process and its aftermath. We continually communicate, are easy to reach, offer a 24-hour bail bondsman service, and we are mobile. Contact King Triton Bail Bonds and take advantage of our services.