By Posted on 27th January 2016 | In Domestic Violence

In the United States, domestic relations benefit from special strong state protection. Violations are stipulated in the law and enforced by police, prosecutors, and courts.

The most preeminent criminal offense against domestic relations is the well known domestic violence.

However, close relationships are not always clear cut. Emotional states and personal histories generally aren't unambiguous, nor easy to understand from the outside.

That explains why in practice, at King Triton Bail Bonds, in the majority of domestic violence cases encountered, the person that called the police is also fighting to get their loved one out of jail.

Many aren't aware that when the police are called and they find a conflict, in most cases an arrest is mandatory. Especially when anyone's physical integrity was affected. In these situations "affected" could mean even a touch or a shove, something that at other times might seem unimportant.

All in all, domestic violence is a serious offense and those involved need to be protected or punished, as is the case.

What Were the Odds?

One situation we dealt with, truly showed how easy it is for things to escalate. The case involved a young man that we bailed out. Initially, he was charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence, also, he had a temporary restraining order from his girlfriend.

After he got out of jail, we dropped him off at his house. An hour later, the jail called to let us know that he was arrested for violating his restraining order and for domestic violence. It turns out that he was living with his girlfriend; so, interacting with her was unavoidable. We bailed him out again.       

We recommended that he avoid any negative interaction. However, a couple of hours later we got a phone call from him. This time, he was in a more serious situation. He was in county jail and his bail had increased significantly. That is how we bailed out a client three times in a single day.

Another thing that can happen is that police will arrest the person that is able to cause the most physical harm, not the one that started the conflict. Unfortunately, some people know this and use the information in their favor.

In any event, as stressed before, domestic violence is a serious infraction.

If you or a loved one is involved in such a case, King Triton Bail Bonds will help you with the bail bond process and its aftermath.