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After an arrested person is taken to jail or lockup, he/she is processed and his/her background is checked. This procedure can take from two to six hours, depending on the detention facility and on personal circumstances.  Jails are facilities locally operated by a city or by a county. In smaller communities, the arrested person will be retained in a lockup until being taken to jail.

In some cases, the defendant can be arrested in a different county than the one that issued the warrant. He/she will be taken to a local jail, awaiting the transfer. In these situations, the bail bond can only be posted after the defendant is transferred. This means that the person can spend some days in jail before being released.

In large cities, the configuration of prisons and courts can be confusing. The defendant might call a family member or a friend to come help. However, the detention facility system might only disorient them. That is one of the reasons why calling your bail bondsman is the best thing you can do. The agents at King Triton Bail Bonds know the system like the back of their hands.

How Is The Bail Amount Set?

Normally, the person arrested has the right to get out of jail in exchange for a bail amount that acts as an insurance policy. In the state of California, a bail bond's purpose is to ensure public safety. There is a difference as in other states the bail bond's topmost purpose is to guarantee the defendant will appear in court until the final verdict. In California, the defendant's presence in court is also of importance; however, it comes secondary.

  • After the arrest, police writes a report and determines what the charges are.
  • Then the DA decides what charges to file. Every county has a bail schedule, listing amounts for each type of offense. These limits are set each year when a panel of judges meets and decides what the bail will be for specific charges. Initially, the Police Department or the Sheriff Department sets the bail.
  • If the defendants remain in jail until they are seen by a judge, more exactly three days, the court will decide if they should raise or lower the bail.

Depending on the public safety concerns, the defendant's criminal history, or facts of the offense, bail can be higher or lower than the recommended amount.

Paying The Bail

After the bail is set, the defendant has the option of paying personally, through an acquaintance, or by contacting a bail bondsman.

Contacting a King Triton bondsman is the most practical option. A bondsman is skilled in going rapidly through the necessary procedures. Also, a bondsman's company is regulated by the insurance department. Therefore, it can immediately post the necessary sum, no matter how high it is. Usually, the defendant will have to pay for this service 10% of the bail sum.

At King Triton Bail Bonds, the application process takes about five minutes. All the needed information is the defendant's complete name and the county where they are in jail. The co-signer should have his/her driver's license available.

Getting Out of Jail

Once the bondsman posts bail at the jail where the person is being detained, the release process will begin. The jail's release procedure can take from two to six hours. However, if the defendant is arrested in a local substation, the release process can be as fast as ten minutes.

After being released, the defendant has to respect all the conditions imposed on him/her. These vary according to specific charges and other case facts. An important condition for release is appearing in court at the set dates.

The Advantages of Using Bail

Liberty before trial is a principle, also, it has practical importance. The defendant can better prepare himself/herself outside of jail, can go to work, and can fulfill obligations. To be released, some conditions must be fulfilled. They can involve seeking counsel, submitting to drug tests, avoiding contact with certain persons, or being electronically monitored. Most importantly, the defendant has to appear in court at the set dates.

King Triton Bail Bonds will keep the defendant and the co-signers informed throughout the entire process. In the situations when the defendant misses court dates, they must come into our office immediately and we will give them a reinstatement letter. With this, defendants can go back to court. They will have a warrant issued by the court, so it is important that they do this immediately to avoid being arrested.