By Posted on 18th May 2016 | In Misdemeanor

People end up in jail in diverse situations. However, many include an element of surprise. They either forget about outstanding warrants or past situations catch up with them. All of a sudden, sometimes at the most inconvenient hours, they're being pulled over or police knocks at the door and they find themselves in jail. Following the listed recommendations will assure an earlier release.

  • While being arrested most people have found it is better to keep silent. People can't talk their way out of an arrest; therefore, when asked about the situation they have supposedly been involved in, they better not say anything. If the police try to make them talk, they have the right to refuse and ask that their attorney is present.
  • After the arrest, a person will go through processing. While going through all the procedures, it is advisable to be as calm and composed as possible. Harassing the police officers or the jail clerks will not improve anyone's situation. To assure their release will be fast, the arrested persons should act respectfully towards them. Otherwise, they might find out later that they can't be released because their file was lost or misplaced.
  • We have asked many of our clients what they have observed inside the jail. After a reflection period, all of them say to keep silent while being detained in the jail cell. It's probably not smart to reveal personal details such as name, workplace, or why they have been detained. The truth is you don't know who is in the cell with you and you can't protect yourself from a potentially dangerous person or an informant, so it's probably best to just sit tight and be quiet.
  • Unless the arrested person really needs it, he/she should not seek medical attention if they are seeking a fast release from jail. When they seek medical attention, the defendants are sent to the medical unit and that complicates or extends the release process.
  • As soon as the arrested person has access to a phone, he/she should make a call either to King Triton Bail Bonds, a family member, or a friend. And then have them call us. Calls are precious in jail and the defendant would want to make sure he/she contacts someone who can actually help. Calling King Triton bail bond company is the safest choice. We know what has to be done to set the release process in motion. After the call, the King Triton bail bondsman will go to the jail and wait there to post the bond once the arrested person is cleared to get out.
    Also, the bondsman can contact anyone else, be it a family member or a lawyer. While making the phone call, the arrested person should not disclose any unnecessary details, not even the reason for their detention as phone calls are recorded or can be overheard.
  • It is in the defendant's best interest to go through the bail bond application process and act responsibly. Also, to be honest and upfront with their bail bondsman so he has the best information available to get the bond approved.

How Will King Triton Bail Bonds Help?

Once they the bail bond paperwork is ready and signed (this takes about five minutes), the release process can immediately begin. A bail agent can already be at the detention facility posting bail. After that, the defendant has to go again through processing. It can take from two to six hours or ten minutes if the defendant is held in a local substation.

After they are released, the defendants sign the bail paperwork and the bail agent explains what will happen next and what their obligations are (for example, that they will have to respect court dates).