If you opt to enroll in our "BAIL TO REHABILITATION" program in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County, King Triton Bail Bonds will make it a condition of Bail that your loved one remains in the designated treatment facility for a pre-determined period. If your loved one is in this situation for the first time or has experienced it before, the solution is not to let them remain in jail, nor to simply bail them out.

The "Bail to Rehabilitation" program is a way to ensure that your loved one is held accountable once out of custody and on bail. King Triton Bail Bonds works directly with the family, the interventionist, the attorney, and treatment center/s to facilitate a seamless transition from the Jail to the rehabilitation center. We can set it up as a special condition of bail. Therefore, the defendant must remain in rehab for the predetermined period of time or they can be returned to jail if the TEAM thinks that is the best solution for recovery.

We have partnered with attorneys, interventionists, and advocates that recommend a rehabilitation program that we are in charge of. As an Advocate for Drug Rehabilitation, this is a program that truly gives the TEAM control.

If for some reason the offender is not living in the rehab facility or not following their program, they can be arrested and returned to custody. Before we move forward with the bail in these cases, coordination with the rehabilitation facility, attorney, interventionist, and defendant must be completed. In order for this to work, the defendant must give their consent prior to BAIL. Consequently, the full program will be explained. You will have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe and is doing what is best for their case, and, most importantly, for their recovery.

Why Is It Important to TAKE ADVANTAGE of our Firm's "BAIL TO REHABILITATION" Program While the Defendant Is Still in Custody?

  • We do not want the defendant to bail out on their own so they can go and use drugs again.
  • Yes, they could go to a rehabilitation program anytime but you will not have the possibility of intervening or of putting them in custody if they relapse. If they choose to give up and walk out, you will not be able to stop them. In our program, they know that if they quit, they go back to jail and you know there is an element that adds some control. The first days of rehab are very hard and having some restrictions will undoubtedly make them more accountable.
  • You could let them remain in jail but that will not help them to live a healthy lifestyle; on the contrary, it may teach them to tolerate the jail's lifestyle.

Information for Drug Addicts in Need of a BAIL BOND and a "Bail to Rehabilitation" Program

To be cured of addiction you need a long time treatment that changes your habits and teaches new ones. You should not postpone the starting moment and wait to hit rock bottom. Our "Bail to Rehabilitation" program will help you:

  • Stop using drugs.
  • Remain drug-free.
  • *You may be eligible for alternative sentencing through the court and you may avoid jail/prison - (consult your attorney in relation to this).
  • You will have to go through a detoxification program long enough for it to be efficient.
  • Meantime, you'll need counseling and support and this program offers it.
  • You also might need medication that this program makes available.

Please call and inquire as there are many different scenarios for this program in San Diego, LA, and Orange County.

We also can help you and your family with intervention resources if you choose to take advantage.